Tony Buzbee to sue ERCOT after child dies during winter storm

Cristian Pavon,11, had no underlying conditions, according to his aunt, but his family believes the cold was a contributing factor.

Video Transcript

- Staying on top of some breaking news. A lawsuit is being filed over the death of an 11-year-old boy in Conroe. We share the story of Cristian Pavon Yvonne who died this week. [INAUDIBLE] told ABC 13 Christian had no underlying conditions, and they believe the bitter cold was a contributing factor even though they haven't learned his official cause of death.

Minutes ago, Houston attorney Tony Busbee told us he is filing suit on behalf of the family. He issued this statement. Quote, "we will file suit for this family tomorrow, and other suits will come. These decisions, which led to deaths, were made based on profit, not welfare of people. People died. ERCOT and the electrical providers like Entergy must account. Stay tuned. More to come, " end quote.