Attorneys Rozzi, Baldwin officially disqualified from Delphi case

Oct. 31—DELPHI — A week after having to withdraw and a day after filing appearances to work pro bono, Bradley Rozzi and Andrew Baldwin, attorneys for alleged Delphi suspect Richard Allen, walked confidently into the courtroom Tuesday for a hearing in the case.

A few minutes later, the pair were officially disqualified.

Most of Tuesday's hearing — which started roughly 45 minutes late — revolved around the two attorneys and their pleas to remain as Allen's representation.

Earlier this month, Special Judge Fran Gull ruled that Rozzi and Baldwin committed "gross negligence" after an associate of Baldwin's reportedly leaked evidence to a media outlet.

Gull noted at the time this action violated an established gag order.

But during Tuesday's hearing, both Rozzi and Baldwin argued that having them remain on the case is important for Allen.

"Mr. Allen has asked us to represent him," Rozzi stated. "You left us with no choice but to withdraw."

Rozzi added the two attorneys wished to continue as private counsel, staying on the case essentially without being paid, but Gull refused that notion.

Instead, Gull appeared to address Allen's new Fort Wayne-based contract appointed public defenders, Robert Scremin and William S. Lebrato, throughout most of the hearing.

Toward the end, her words turned to Allen himself, telling him that she understood his wishes for Rozzi and Baldwin to continue representation, but her reservations were strong.

"Nothing has changed since I found gross negligence," Gull told the court. "I have great concerns about your representation (if Rozzi and Baldwin were to stay). ... I cannot allow these attorneys to represent you. I can't do it, sir. I just can't. I cannot allow that. Sorry this has happened to you."

And with Rozzi and Baldwin seemingly officially off the case, any upcoming dates for court proceedings — including a future jury trial — appear to now be pushed back as well.

Allen was originally scheduled to go to trial in January.

However, per Tuesday's hearing, that date has now been tentatively slated for October 2024.

It's been a year since Allen was arrested for the deaths of Delphi teenagers Libby German and Abby Williams, who went missing on Feb. 13, 2017, near the Monon High Bridge in Carroll County.

The next day, their bodies were found along Deer Creek.

During a police interview, Allen admitted to being on the bridge the day the girls went missing, though he stated he never saw the girls.