Aubrey O'Day claims flight attendant forced her to 'undress in front of the entire plane'

Aubrey O'Day is accusing an American Airlines flight attendant of forcing her to take off her shirt "in front of the entire plane" before allowing her to fly.

O'Day, 35, claims that after she boarded her flight, a male attendant "didn't like my shirt and made me turn it inside out in order to fly."

"I was SHOCKED. I literally had to have my breasts in a bra out in front of everyone around me in order to not get kicked off," O'Day wrote on Twitter. "The girl next to me held up her blanket [because] she felt bad."


O'Day did not identify her flight route nor the reason why the flight attendant allegedly found her shirt to be problematic.

She then tweeted at American Airlines that she was so "offended and disturbed" that she had no interest in pursuing the matter any further.

After a fan suggested that the attendant's alleged actions were sexually motivated, O'Day replied, "I didn't get pervert vibes. I got someone that I feel genuinely hated me. He wasn't kind. And I don't believe his feelings were handled correctly."

O'Day's name became a tabloid staple in 2018 after reports emerged of a past affair between her and Donald Trump Jr. The two reportedly met when she competed on his father's reality show "Celebrity Apprentice."

Trump Jr.'s then-wife, Vanessa, filed for divorce in March 2018.