Audit: 60 former Sacramento city staffers may have kept using city fuel after jobs ended

Theresa Clift

Nearly 60 former city of Sacramento employees may have used their old employee ID credentials to fuel up after leaving their jobs with the city, costing the city more than $30,000, a city audit found.

The audit, released Thursday, found that people used nearly 60 different employee ID numbers or badges to obtain a total of 10,860 gallons of fuel.

The highest number of badges were used from former police and Youth, Parks and Community Enrichment employees, 18 from each department, the audit found.

Former employees’ badges were also used to obtain fuel from the general services; community development; utilities, convention and cultural services; fire; and public works staffers.

“To prevent potential theft of City resources, we recommend the Fleet Management Division enhance their process of revoking access to the fueling islands upon employee separation,” the audit said.

The audit also found that two employees claimed more than 100 hours in “incentive pay” they were not eligible for; the city was not verifying employee compliance with insurance requirements; and seven Department of Utilities employees fueled fleet assets totaling more than 370 gallons and $1,100 while also receiving a vehicle allowance.

City spokesman Tim Swanson said: “The City of Sacramento acknowledges the City Auditor’s report and is actively working to implement its recommendations.”

To read the full 77-page audit, click here.