Auditor cites PVA office for two discrepancies

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Sep. 16—Laurel County government offices are under close scrutiny of the State Auditor's office, with yet another office receiving negative comments in a recent audit.

The exit of former PVA Joyce Parker and the appointment of incumbent PVA Don McFadden to fulfill the remainder of Parker's term led to an audit to review record-keeping and policies. During that audit, the Laurel County PVA received two comments from auditors regarding deposits and credit card transactions.

The two notations on the audit running from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 indicate that deposits over $250 were not made on a daily basis, and that credit cards late fees totaled $232.

Don McFadden, who won the May primary election against three other candidates, will officially take office as the elected PVA in January. However, upon Parker's retirement on June 30, 2022, McFadden was appointed to complete her remaining term.

McFadden said the write-ups on the auditor's report were easily explained. The auditor noted that deposits were made on a weekly basis but that deposits of $250 or more needed to be made that day. McFadden said the PVA office does make regular bank deposits but that on the occasions mentioned, the total of the funds could have been overlooked.

"We go to the bank every day, sometimes two or three times," he said.

The other notation was $232 in late fees on credit cards. Again, McFadden explained that while the payments may have been made in the correct time frame, the late fees occurred due to the credit card company not posting the payment in time.

"That's what a lot of people don't understand about credit cards," McFadden said. "Just because you send a payment on time, the credit card company may not always post it on that date. That's where the late charges come from."

McFadden added that it is customary to conduct an audit when one administrator leaves their position.

"Joyce left in June, so it is usual that an audit is done when someone leaves their position," he said.