August's Full Moon Offers Healing

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August 11 delivers the gift of the last super moon of the year as the full moon in Aquarius lights up the night sky. Called the Sturgeon moon by the Algonquin tribes of North America, the Aquarius full moon offers a simultaneously reflective and exciting energy as the sign is known as the revolutionary of the zodiac.

Ruled by the planet Uranus, the last air sign is highly intellectual and strives to go against the grain, looking outside the box for innovative and imaginative solutions to age-old problems. Driven by a deep love for the greater good, Aquarians are also extremely community-oriented and always put people first.

Full moons represent the closing of a chapter, providing an opportunity to evaluate what's going on in your life and what's no longer working for you. The water-bearer tends to be fact driven, so adopt the brainy sign's attitude and try to look at your habits from an objective lens while manifesting on this full moon. Because the sign is ruled by Uranus, which represents revolution and change, August 11 will be ripe with epiphanies and breakthroughs. If you've been feeling particularly stuck in some aspect of your life, now is the time to dig deep and try looking at it from another angle.

The moon also falls at 5 degrees south of Saturn, the planet of rules, commitment and structure. This will create a get-your-sh-t-done vibe for this full moon, helping you see the benefit of practicing self-care by practicing discipline.

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Falling in your eleventh house of networking, the full moon brings the perfect opportunity to spend some time thinking about your social circle. Are you surrounding yourself with people who share the same goals and visions as you? Do they challenge you in healthy ways to help you grow or are they only there for a good time? Use the energy of the Aquarius full moon to reflect on the community and chosen family that you are building for yourself.


With la luna lighting up your tenth house of career, now is the time to reflect on your work. Given Aquarians are known for their big ideas, are there any areas in your professional life where you may not be taking up as much space as you need and deserve to? Are there dreams you've put off because of self-limiting beliefs? The full moon is a celestial moment, ripe with possibilities, so put pen to paper and get busy planning how to create the life you dream about.


The full moon rests in your ninth house of subconscious, making August 11 the perfect time to use your gift of gab and dig deep to uncover your innermost feelings. As an intellectually limber sign, Geminis are incredibly capable of holding multitudes in their mind. While this can be exciting, it can also be confusing and draining. Journaling your emotions can help dial down the mental noise and identify what's truly weighing on your heart.


Sitting in your eighth house of emotional bonds, the Sturgeon supermoon encourages you to take a closer look at the close relationships in your life. Are you getting what you need from them? As a natural care-taker, the crabs of the zodiac often find themselves playing the role of the "mom friend," putting everyone else's needs before their own. Take the night off and restore the bonds you have with yourself and don't be afraid to examine the quality of your social circle.


While it's still the season of the ever-confident lion, it's important to remember that they run in packs. Leos are notorious for their one-of-a-kind energy and it's only natural if you want to share your charm with someone. Although manifesting a partner is a bit tricky, use the power of the full moon and create a list of the qualities you want in a romantic mate and think of all of the ways love already shows up in your life. Sometimes, if we're looking for that special someone, it's easy to get caught up in a narrative of lack, creating a negative mindset, but it's important stop and connect to the many forms of love that are already present.


Virgos are a sucker for order and structure, so it's serendipitous that the full moon in Aquarius resides in your sixth house of daily routine. Use the night to clean and tidy up your space and think of small habits you can easily integrate into your day to make your life not only easier, but filled with more joy and play. As a pragmatic sign, it's not hard for you to get caught up in the rush of life, so create a daily routine that allows you to relish in the simple moments.


Shining in your ninth house of adventure, August's full moon calls you to lands unseen. If there are activities you've been meaning to scratch off your summer bucket list, do not hesitate. Now is the time to walk the path lesser travelled or visit a familiar spot that makes you feel alive. As Aquarians are known for their unconventional spirits, the full moon is ideal time to get a change of scenery.


Finding the moon in your fourth house of domesticity, August 11 urges intense Scorpios to hunker down and indulge in a night of self-care and healing. This can look like binging your favorite Netflix series, along with working through any unresolved emotional wounds. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarians can be seen as the change makers of the twelve zodiac signs, so this may encourage you to do some shadow work. It's important to remember that full moons can be a highly emotionally charged time, so take care of yourself and don't push yourself farther than you have to. Sometimes, self-care looks like giving yourself the pleasure of positive thoughts.


Taking up space in your third house of communication, the full moon is a wonderful moment to say what's on your mind. Whether it's venting to a friend or channeling your feelings through writing, find a way to use your voice and speak from the heart. Inviting over your chosen family for a sister circle is a great way to honor the community-centric Aquarius super moon.


The full moon is in your second house of income and as the goat of the zodiac is naturally ambitious and career-minded, it's a good time to sit down with your finances and create goals for the months ahead. Embody the Aquarius' quirky nature and think of ways that you can put your hard-earned money towards fulfilling experiences. As the leader of the zodiac, you may have a tendency to only consider the normative ways we measure success. Brainstorm meaningful ways to use your capital and generate wealth.


With a super moon in your sign, you must be feeling on top of the world as it falls in your first house of self. Don't be afraid to dig deep and identify any self-doubts that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. In what ways are you self-sabotaging and how can you limit any distractions that are preventing you from focusing on yourself more?


In your twelfth house of spirituality, the Aquarius full moon is your time to break out the crystals and sage for a super-charged super moon ritual. An innately intuitive sign, you won't find it difficult to wade the deeper waters of your psyche. Plan a night filled with gentle movement, meditation and dream work.