Auntie Anne’s New Pretzel Slider Melts Sound Pretty Much Like A Perfect Lunch

Kristin Salaky
Photo credit: Auntie Anne's

From Delish

You could put pretty much any food inside of a pretzel bun and I would eat it. It's the most superior sandwich vessel, please don't @ me! So the announcement that Auntie Anne's has started making delicious chicken sandwiches and putting them on already delicious slider pretzel buns is almost too much for me to take.

Auntie Anne's, truly the OG of mall pretzels, announced this week that it is now selling Pretzel Slider Melts. The slider sammies come in two equally delicious varieties: Chicken Bacon Ranch and Chicken BBQ. The former is packed with grilled chicken breast, bacon, melted provolone cheese, and ranch dressing, while the latter is filled with grilled chicken breast, melted cheddar cheese, and BBQ sauce.

Both options appear to come with two sliders apiece (though we've reached out to Auntie Anne's for more info and to confirm that). Each flavor also boasts more than 30 grams of protein making it sound like great option for a filling lunch, when you, of course, pair them with your choice of lemonade. Seriously, if you're sleeping on the Auntie Anne's lemonade, I must ask you to look at your life and your choices and reevaluate!!

These new pretzel sliders are available now but are only slated to stick around for a limited time. Act fast and give your local Auntie Anne's a call if you're super determined to get your hands on one! Or get your hands on two, actually...because that's how sliders work.

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