Aurora Plastics considering whether to build addition in Streetsboro or Texas

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The footprint of the existing Aurora Plastics facility in Streetsboro may become larger if the company decides to build an addition there.
The footprint of the existing Aurora Plastics facility in Streetsboro may become larger if the company decides to build an addition there.

Aurora Plastics’ Streetsboro headquarters may be building an addition to its Jefferson Street facility in Streetsboro.

Or it may not.

The Streetsboro headquarters is one of two locations the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) manufacturer is considering for an addition, according to Matthew Kuwatch, Aurora Plastics’ senior vice president of marketing, innovation and business development.

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The other facility the company is considering is in Pasadena, Texas, he said. The company also has plants in Lunenberg, Mass., Welcome, N.C., and Marieville, Quebec, which just outside of Montreal, he said.

“It hasn't been finalized whether we're going to do it at Streetsboro or Pasadena, Texas,” said Kuwatch. “So it's going to be one of the two sites for which we're completing engineering.”

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He said the company is going through the approval and engineering processes for both sites, seeing which makes more sense for the company financially.

He said both the Texas facility is “kind of like a slightly small version of Streetsboro."

He also said each location has certain logistical advantages.

“A lot of the chemical industry is in the Gulf region,” he said. “We buy resin, which is like the flour in the cookie dough and then we make cookie dough, which is PVC compounds,” he said. "We’re trying to make a decision probably by the end of February which location we’re going to go with.”

He said most companies that sell the resin used in PVC contraction are down in the Gulf region, but Ohio has advantages, too.

"Our facility's located right there on the turnpike," said Kuwatch. "And if you look at a lot of the polymer companies, there's a reason why they call Northeast Ohio Polymer Valley. It's because there's a lot of different polymer extrusion injection molding companies, from Wisconsin to Ohio to Pennsylvania."

The Streetsboro Planning & Zoning Commission granted the company preliminary approval of a site plan amendment Jan. 11.

According to Matt Raia of Chemstress, the addition will be 200 feet by 100 feet.

Kuwatch said the company has grown rapidly in recent years.

“When I started with the company in 2014,” he said. “We had two facilities, and now many acquisitions later and many expansions later, we now have five facilities. So the company's significantly grown since I came in 2014.”

Expanding it products into new markets has enabled the company to grow, he explained.

“When I came in here, it was predominantly building construction served out of that plant,” he said. “It's still a significant portion of it, but the markets and particularly industrial type markets — and some of the consumer agricultural type things — those things have really grown significantly.”

Streetsboro Planning Director John Cieszkowski Jr. said the company should include land bank parking and a complete landscaping plan prior to final approval.

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