New Aurora vaccine site focused on Black community

Governor Pritzker joined Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin and Black leaders to open up a mass vaccination site Tuesday to put a focus on getting the vaccine to the Black community.

Video Transcript

DIANE PATHIEU: And Tanya, Governor Pritzker will join Aurora's mayor this morning and other Black leaders to open up this mass vaccination site at Aurora's oldest and largest Black church. The goal is to focus on increasing the number of Black community members getting the vaccine. More than 750 people have already signed up to receive their first dose here at the Cathedral of Grace St. John AME Church.

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, in Aurora's two biggest counties, only 2.8% of Kane County's vaccines have been distributed to the Black community. That number just 2.3 in DuPage County. The mayor is hoping to increase those stats. A similar event is also being organized for Aurora's Latinx community as well. Details on that event will come later on this morning. Today's press conference set to begin at 8 o'clock. Vaccinations begin here at 9:00 AM.