Austin Chiropractors Launch New River City Wellness Website

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AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- River City Wellness in Austin has launched a new website to ensure that patients can book appointments and learn about the care they offer anytime and anywhere. The website is designed to help patients book appropriate chiropractic care and offers easy appointment setting features as well as special accommodations for individuals with visual difficulties.

Online Appointments for Chiropractor Austin:

The new River City Wellness website offers an online appointment setting feature for both new and prior patients located in Austin and the surrounding areas.

Accessibility for All:

The website provides in-depth information on the type of treatments and services the Austin Chiropractors provide their patients with a 5 step care plan so they can look and feel their best.

Care Options Outlined:

River City Wellness designs a scientifically based wellness plan specifically for each of the patients and their health needs. The Chiropractic Experts of the Austin Chiropractic practice take the to explain often confusing options for creating a plan for lifelong wellness. When you leave River City Wellness you will leave feeling and looking your best!

Spinal Correction:

Your spine is the body's central information highway and needs to be in proper alignment so that it can communicate properly with each of the body's systems. Core Chiropractic will help your body heal and function properly.


At River City Wellness the chiropractic experts don't just provide chiropractic adjustments. Managing stress, sleep habits and mental health is a key component of their care plans!!


Food has a direct impact on how you feel and your health. River City Wellness in Austin will provide a nutritional assessment to help you understand where you currently stand and what diet changes you need to make for better long-term health.


River City Wellness in Austin will customize an exercise program around your fitness level. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, they will help you to integrate exercise into your life to supercharge your ability to do things.

Meet the Team Section:

The Austin Chiropractic Practice, offers a whole-body approach that starts with spinal manipulation but doesn't end there. Their holistic services also include education on the connection between a patient's spine and their overall health along with cutting edge health tips.

River City Wellness
8708 S. Congress Ave #570
Austin, TX 78745

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