Austin Gomber's proving he's worth rostering

Rockies' Austin Gomber is defying the metrics, and Christopher Crawford highlights why the southpaw could bring value to fantasy teams.

Video Transcript

CHRISTOPHER CRAWFORD: So Coors Field has been as unfriendly a pitching confine as there is since its existence. But weirdly enough, it hasn't been an issue for Austin Gomber. The left-hander threw six scoreless innings with six strikeouts on Thursday against the Rangers.

And in his four starts in Colorado this year, the left-hander has a 1.33 ERA and a whip below 1 over 20 and 1/3 innings. Now that is a very small sample, and it has been helped by an unsustainable 191 batting average balls in play. But it is encouraging to see how well the former St. Louis starter has pitched as of late anyway.

The southpaw was awful in April, with a 6.65 ERA. But that mark dropped to 3.15 in May. And it came with a 37 to 4 strikeout to walk ratio. The metrics here? Pretty encouraging too. Gomber's fastball is well below average. But he still ranks highly in expected batting average against, hard hit percentage, and strikeout rate.

Now it goes without saying that you're going to have to be cognizant of the home park for the 27-year-old. But now that Gomber is throwing strike, he's well worth a roster add in different formats.

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