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Austin to Nat'l Guard: Defense Dept. is behind you

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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met Friday with the National Guard troops who've been providing security at the US Capitol since the violent Jan. 6 insurrection. Austin thanked the troops and told them their country is grateful for their service. (Jan. 29)

Video Transcript

- Thank you for being here, sir.

LLOYD AUSTIN: Oh, come on.

- So the first soldiers that we're going to run into, sir, just came into position today. So they did a good job with--

LLOYD AUSTIN: I wanted to just come by and say thanks for what you're doing. And I know it's a little chilly out here. I know we don't-- do the right thing to take care of yourself. Make sure you talk to your chain of command if you need anything.

I wanted to tell you we're really grateful for your service. And we know that it's not easy to leave home, come out here, and help us out. But you're doing a great service on behalf of your country and protecting the Capitol so that our lawmakers can rest at ease and do the work that they got to do on behalf of this country.

I want to check, see how see if you're getting everything you need.

- We are, sir. The entire Army's behind us.

LLOYD AUSTIN: Yeah, well, that's--

- And the Air Force as well.

LLOYD AUSTIN: The Department of Defense is behind you.

- The Department of Defense, yes, sir. The entire Department of Defense, yes, sir.


- Yes, sir.

LLOYD AUSTIN: So we-- well, we waned to make sure you got what you need, and we're taking care of our troops. I really care about that. I know you know that.

- Yes, sir. I do.

LLOYD AUSTIN: I know you do, too.

- Yes, sir.

- God wills, this is a team.

LLOYD AUSTIN: Good to meet everybody.

- Yes, sir.

LLOYD AUSTIN: Again, thanks for what you're doing. And let's focus on taking care of our troops here. I know you care a lot about that. But let me know what you need. And let's stay focused because we got you out here for a reason. And we don't want to take anything for granted.

- This way.

LLOYD AUSTIN: All right, guys.

- Good to meet you, sir.

LLOYD AUSTIN: Good to meet y'all as well.


- Yeah, I mean--

- This is where the Indiana packs come from.

LLOYD AUSTIN: Thanks, guys.

- Sir, thank you very much for coming out to visit the soldiers, talk to them It means a lot to them. Thank you, sir.

LLOYD AUSTIN: Hey, guys, I'm grateful, grateful for what you're doing. General?

- Yes, sir. Good to see you, sir. Thank you, sir Thanks for coming out, sir.


- Thanks, sir.