Australia rejects Ukraine's request for helicopters

Australia on Jan. 18 formally rejected a request for access to a set of retired Taipan helicopters, ABC Australia reported.

Earlier on Jan. 12, the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organizations (AFUO) asked the government to supply Ukraine with 45 decommissioned Taipan helicopters destined for the scrapyard.

Defense official Pat Conroy said there are no Taipan units that are currently in "flying condition," and that "to get any up to flying condition would require a huge investment in taxpayers' funds, time and resources to do that."

Ukraine heavily relies on Western allies for armored vehicles, aircraft, and other advanced equipment as it battles Russian forces.

Australian officials said the government will seek other ways to provide support to Kyiv.

"The Australian government continues to work closely with Ukraine to consider further options to provide timely, meaningful, and sustainable assistance," Conroy said.

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