Australian $5 notes won't display King Charles

STORY: The decision follows consultation with the federal government, which supports the change, the Reserve Bank of Australia said in a statement. The other side of the note will continue to feature the Australian Parliament, it said.

“I think that’s absolutely brilliant. This is Australia. Let’s have indigenous culture on our note and let’s showcase who we really are," said Sydney resident Leanne Nijemeisland.

Stewart Fairbairn said the new banknote is an excellent idea.

"We’re in Australia. We need to be a republic," he added.

Australia in September 2022 said the image of King Charles would not automatically replace Queen Elizabeth on A$5 notes, and that she might be replaced by Australian figures. Authorities have said the decision to include the queen's image on the A$5 dollar note was about her personality as opposed to her status as the monarch.