Australian Couple Builds Dog Extravagant Floating Bed

A couple living on Australia’s Gold Coast recently shared on TikTok the impressive bed they built for their five-year-old golden retriever.

The video, compiled by Tarah Clark and Barry Havenga, shows the whole process in fast-motion as the couple created from scratch a bed that would match their own.

“When we began renovating our bedroom we really wanted to have a bed that had that ‘wow’ factor,” Clark told Storyful. “We ended up having so much fun making it and loved the finished product so much that we decided our little Daisy should have one too,” she added.

The couple regularly post their DIY projects on Instagram.

“We hope to inspire others out there to give things a go and have fun while doing it” Clark said.

As for the pet, a beaming smile on Daisy’s face suggests that she is very pleased with her new bed! Credit: Tarah Clark via Storyful

Video Transcript