Australian Open to play on without fans after Melbourne snap lockdown

The Australian Open will now be played in a "bubble" rather than in front of tens of thousands of fans after Australia ordered more than six million people in Melbourne and the surrounding areas into a snap five day lockdown.

Video Transcript

CRAIG TILEY: We hope that we're in a good place and we hope that this lockdown, like I'm sure the government does, has done its job. And if that's the case, we'll be able to have fans back for the last four days of the event and again showcase to everyone a great finish to what's been so far, a great event. It does. It will have a financial impact. And that's still to be determined. It has been a very expensive exercise to put this on.

FIONA MACDONALD: Somewhere along the way have to make decisions that we start things and trial things. And I think this is not such a bad event, and it brings people together.

BEN RISKIN: I'm kind of happy about it, to be honest. I feel like in order to get back to normal, that's all we need to do. Like, just have no contact with anyone. I mean, as long as it takes, like, let's do. I don't want to get to how America is and stuff. I'd rather just sacrifice a few days.

DENNIS WRIGHT: It's sad that no one will see it for the next five days. So hopefully, someday we'll be back, be back for the finals.