Australian PM among first to receive vaccine

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison rolled up his sleeve on Sunday to receive one of the first coronavirus vaccines in the country.

Earlier he sat next to 84-year-old Jane Malysiak the first person among a handful of Australians being injected at a medical center in Sydney.

The two shared a funny moment as they attempted to hold up a "V for vaccine" hand gesture.

"Tens of thousands of people will be coming into tomorrow and I wanted them to know as they went to bed tonight, that we have been able to demonstrate our confidence in the health and safety of this vaccination."

Up to 4 million Australians are expected to receive the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech by March.

The vaccine is voluntary.

Older Australians, aged-care staff and frontline workers will be the first in line to be vaccinated.

Australia aims to innoculate the vast majority of its 25 million citizens by October.

That comes as the government pledged a public campaign so people turn up for a vaccine shot.

But one place it won't be advertising is Facebook as a feud continues over the social media giant blocking news content from its platform for Australian users.