Australian PM and first vaccine recipient share funny moment

Up to 4 million Australians are expected to receive a COVID-19 vaccine voluntarily by March, with Morrison and Paul Kelly, the country's chief medical officer, among a small group of Australians receiving the first inoculations.

Doses of the Pfizer inoculations, which need to be kept at temperatures well below freezing, were still being distributed to 16 vaccine hubs around Australia in preparation for the broader rollout of the vaccines on Monday.

A small number of older Australians at the Castle Hill Medical Centre in the western part of Sydney, aged-care staff, and frontline nurses and workers were among the group injected on Sunday, officials said.

Video Transcript

- Lots of experience, haven't you?

- I do.


25 years.

- Oh! Oh, good.

- Well done, yeah.

- And here we go!

- Woo!


- Well, we'll give them a V for vaccine. V for vaccine. [LAUGHS]

- A V today. All right.

- That's right.

- Like that, a V.


- Very good. [LAUGHS] Not that way.

- That's like rude.