Australians rally for Black Lives Matter

There was a heavy police presence at Black Lives Matter protests across Australia on Saturday, as protesters gathered on the streets and at public parks.

State leaders called for the events to be cancelled following fears of a second wave of coronavirus infections.

Perth saw the largest gathering of all major Australian cities on Saturday, despite pleas from the Premier Mark McGowan to cancel.

Jacinta Taylor organized the Perth rally.

"There have been people like my dad and Aunty Mingelly who have been pushing for change since they were my age, you know that was 50 years ago. I don't want to be having to be 80 years old and pushing for this kind of change for my children and my children's children.So it's all about just saying to the government this is a really big issue and this needs to be talked about and this needs to be put right, now"

Smaller rallies were also held in Melbourne and Sydney, with a focus on calling for freedom for refugees stuck in indefinite detention.