Author Frank Gallo’s the Partygoer Has Garnered Great Ratings, Making It One of the Best Young Adult Books

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Author Frank Gallo recently released a Young Adult book, The Partygoer, about drugs and parties that’s increasingly relevant in today’s age of social media and fame-chasing. During that time, Frank has always been passionate about writing and stories, the act of publishing a book was put on a backburner until he started writing in August 1993.

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While the book is fictional, it holds incredible meaning for Frank as it was inspired by real life events of a childhood friend who died due to drugs. He wants to use storytelling as a way to caution anyone who may be susceptible to being taken advantage of simply because they are lonely. Frank wants to spread the message that it’s best to choose friends wisely and not desperately, and hopes that a good book is more effective than any government advisory, parental warnings, etc.

The story centers around Joe Data, a young child who was a bit of a loner. Without much choice or guidance, the few friends who Joe meets naturally become his go-to buddies. His friends seemed cool, and he felt that they did genuinely care for him. Little did he know that he and his girlfriend would find themselves in danger.

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Enter the world of peer pressure and drugs. Joe has to balance the peer pressure that comes from his friends. Convinced that his friends did genuinely care about him, Joe starts to question whether drugs are as bad as what health advisories and his parents make them out to be.

The target audience for this book are for those between the ages of 14 and 18 when they are most likely to face peer pressure. By writing it into a fiction story that even a teenager would read, hopefully the key message of the story can be absorbed by the reader. At that age, teenagers are not going to be listening to their parents as they are likely in their rebellious phase. However, if this rebellion goes too far the end consequences may be irreversible - as was the case of Frank Gallo’s high school friend.

Especially when Covid has reduced travel and social interaction, it’s important for families to be more vigilant about where their teenagers are getting their influence from. Loneliness can often be a driving factor for teenagers to do something that they may not want, in order to gain acceptance from the few people who give them attention.

Frank Gallo is an author who currently resides in Florida and works in the medical claims field. Having grew up in New York and New Jersey before finally moving to Florida in the late 90s, Gallo has a good mix of experience living in different neighborhoods and experiencing different cultures. Interested readers can find the book on Amazon by searching for The Partygoer by Frank Gallo, or any other major retailers like Barnes & Noble.

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