Authorities Crack Down On Illegal Street Racers In Stockton

Cinco de Mayo is the unofficial start of the street racing season, police say. They're cracking down on racing, arresting several people and issuing over 100 citations for the illegal racing.

Video Transcript

- And our other top story tonight, Quad chaos. Four wheelers and dirt bikes taking over the streets of Stockton outnumbering cops and leading to wild chases across the city. And police say this was just the beginning to a weekend full of reckless street racing.

- CBS 13's Anna Giles live in Stockton with the street takeover and a warning from police tonight, Anna.

ANNA GILES: Yeah. There were innocent drivers and walkers that got caught up in all of this. The ATV drivers came speeding through this intersection here off of Pacific Avenue running red lights and stop signs.

Police sirens screech through Stockton as officers try to keep up with dozens of people on quad and ATVs speeding down Pacific Avenue. The street quickly becoming a danger for drivers. Right at that moment, Nicholas Bobson was trying to walk home.

NICHOLAS BOBSON: And I got over all on camera. We were crossing the street, we came over and then they went this way. Nobody really cared about the safety of anybody else.

ANNA GILES: It's illegal to drive a quad or an ATV on city streets. And police say this group went way beyond that.

RUBEN JONES: There were a few that were riding with no helmets. They're riding in a pack of about 50. They're not really obeying the traffic laws. They're running through red lights. They're running to stop signs.

ANNA GILES: CHP officer Reuben Jones says 5 de Mayo is the unofficial kickoff for summer street racing season. So police are geared up and ready. Over the weekend, the San Joaquin County street racing task force made 13 arrests and issued more than 100 citations.

RUBEN JONES: They think it's fun, they think it's cool but extremely dangerous.

ANNA GILES: Police try to prevent street racing by targeting vehicles that are more likely to participate. Officers are looking for cars that have illegal modifications that they can report to state regulators.

NICHOLAS BOBSON: You shouldn't be there on Quads street racing and getting in people's business like that. It's not safe.

ANNA GILES: Yeah. The people arrested over the weekend were charged with fleeing from police among other things. CHP also told us today that these sideshows often lead to bigger crimes like shootings and driving under the influence.

- It had to be so scary to be caught up in that as a driver. Thanks, Anna.