Autism Fitness hosts exercise workshop in south Charlotte

A four-hour workshop was held by Autism Fitness on Sunday morning at Metro Fitness in south Charlotte.

The “Fitness (that works) for the ASD/Neurodivergent Population” workshop is designed for both professionals and parents as a way to create effective exercise programs for neurodivergent people. Guests were given hands-on experience using physical, behavioral, and cognitive approaches to exercises for all ages and abilities; they were also given ‘go-to’ exercises to increase strength, motor skills, and balance.

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One of the goals of the workshop was to show parents and professionals how to build a positive relationship between exercise and individuals on the autism spectrum.

Eric Chessen, the founder of Autism Fitness, said the hands-on workshop allows for a bigger takeaway.

“When individuals are able to actively participate in the learning process, especially when it comes to fitness, it greatly enhances the takeaway,” said Chessen, “Get hands-on experience with physical, behavioral, and cognitive strategies to deliver effective, meaningful programs for individuals of any age or ability level.”

For more information about Autism Fitness or future workshops, please click here.

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