An automaker achieves 37% sales growth within six months by leveraging market intelligence solution: Infiniti’s success story reveals key insights into the engagement

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"Rising automation, digitalization, and evolving business models have revolutionized the automotive industry, but the sector is not completely free of challenges. Companies in the automobile manufacturing market are facing challenges in terms of vehicle customization, which consequently increases the cost of integrating new technologies to meet the requirements of end-users," says an automotive industry expert at Infiniti Research.

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Business challenge faced by the client

The client, an automobile manufacturing company based out of Denmark, encountered a seasonal dip in sales, which subsequently impacted their overall profit margins. Also, with increasing competition, the client has to engage in price wars, which subsequently impacted profits and market share. In addition, the auto dealer struggled to find the right areas within their market to promote their vehicles. Hence, they wanted to standardize marketing technologies, streamline communications, and enhance customer experience and retention. Other key objectives the client wanted to achieve through the engagement were:

  • Identify elements of their marketing campaigns that are most successful and revamp traditional marketing initiatives to improve sales
  • understand how to connect with their target audiences
  • Formulate strategies and identify channels to focus on to drive customer awareness and leads

Our approach

An extensive database was generated by a team of experts at Infiniti Research through primary and secondary research. They also selected smaller representative audiences and conducted demo campaigns across all the channels. By efficiently gauging the campaign results, they helped the client to analyze the areas where the client lacked and performed well in comparison to their competitors.

Key results obtained

By partnering with Infiniti Research, the client:

  • Created highly targeted online and offline tactics to engage with their customers
  • Increased brand visibility developed lasting relationships with customers, improved lead generation, and built current and potential customer trust
  • Personalized marketing approaches to drive customer engagement
  • Attracted 300+ new customers and enhanced sales by 37% in six months

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