Automatic Cup Noodle Maker is a godsend for people too busy to watch water boil

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A Japanese electronics company has come up with a solution for instant noodle lovers who are too lazy to get up and push a button on a microwave or turn a knob on a stove to boil water.

Thanks to Thanko’s Automatic Cup Noodle Maker Makase-tei, making your favorite instant noodles, such as Nissin Cup Noodles and Nongshim, is as simple as placing the cup underneath the machine.

If you have a coffee maker, that works, too. But the geniuses at Thanko want customers to shell out $45 for this contraption. While the Makase-tei is sold out on Amazon Japan, the device can be bought on eBay for a whopping $104. This machine better wash my clothes as well for that price. You might be better off getting an electric kettle, with the cheapest on Amazon being listed with a $20 price tag.

Check out the unboxing video from 2019 below by Japanese Stuff Channel to find out how the Makase-tei works:

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You can also spice up your cup of instant noodles with some Sriracha now that the shortage is over.


Featured Image via Thanko

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