Aventura Veterinarian Accused Of Abusing Animal, Distributing Child Pornography

CBS4's Peter D'Oench reports on the federal charges Dr. Prentiss Madden is facing.

Video Transcript

LINDSAY DONZANTI: I didn't sleep a wink last night, running it through my mind. There were no signs, no signs whatsoever.

- Now at 5:00, alarming allegations tonight about an Aventura veterinarian. Dr. Prentiss Madden was entrusted to care for animals, but now he faces federal charges, accused of sexually abusing them. And there are child pornography allegations as well. That is not-- CBS 4's Peter D'Oench, rather, joins us now with the disturbing new details about this case, just revealed at a federal court hearing.

PETER D'OENCH: Some people who had had close contact with Dr. Prentiss Madden had trusted him to protect their pets. Now they're stunned to learn that he's facing federal charges of abusing an animal and possessing child pornography.

LINDSAY DONZANTI: I didn't sleep a wink last night, running it through my mind.

PETER D'OENCH: Animal rescuer Lindsay Donzanti says she had trusted 40-year-old veterinarian Prentiss Madden with her two pets here at the Caring Hands Animal Hospital and had even recommended him to dozens of people.

LINDSAY DONZANTI: I can't even say gullible, because there were no signs, no signs whatsoever. He was the kindest, sweetest person. This is why it's so inconceivable. He had a very soft manner, he treat-- you could see he treated the animals with love.

PETER D'OENCH: At a federal court hearing, a judge read from the indictment, saying between May of 2018 and late February of this year, Madden possessed and distributed child pornography and is also charged with animal crushing.

According to our news partner, the Miami Herald, a cyber tip led investigators to Madden last month. After raiding his home, they reportedly found digital images of child pornography, and Madden having sex with a dog, a stark contrast to Donzanti's experiences with him.

LINDSAY DONZANTI: I've known this vet ever since this place opened and I have promoted him so much, because, as I say, I am a rescuer and I'm a resident of Aventura, and I've told so many people about him because I was so happy with him. So when I heard this yesterday, I was outraged, sad, and in total disbelief.

PETER D'OENCH: Madden faces a detention hearing this Friday and an arraignment on March 31st. A spokesman for the animal hospital says they fired Madden two weeks ago when they learned about the appalling allegations. Caring Hands also says it's fully cooperating with investigators. In Aventura, Peter D'Oench, CBS 4 News.