Avril Lavigne joins influencer-favorite MOD SUN in new song 'Flames'

MOD SUN x Avril Lavigne
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  • Singer MOD SUN released a song called "Flames" featuring the pop-punk icon, Avril Lavigne. This is their first time collaborating with each other.

  • MOD SUN is a favorite in the influencer world and has been entangled with two infamous internet celebrities, Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne.

  • Avril Lavigne is gearing up to release a new album, which she said she is at hard at work creating. "Have been in the studio for the last two weeks every day," she said on Instagram.

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MOD SUN, a favorite among the influencer-crowd and ex-boyfriend to internet celebrities Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne, released a new song with pop-punk icon, Avril Lavigne, called "Flames" on Friday. This the first time the pair have collaborated together and their fans are talking about the song non-stop online.

"The world said 'you know what you need? A MOD SUN /Avril Lavigne collaboration,'" one Twitter user wrote. Another said, "My childhood Idol with my current idol I'm living."

Lavigne posted photos of her, MOD SUN, and Machine Gun Kelly working together in the studio last week teasing that she was working on new music with them. It was unclear who was collaborating with whom for sure, but it was later revealed MGK and Avril were both being featured on songs with MOD SUN on the rollout of his new album which still has no release date. He announced in early 2020 that he would be putting out his fourth album.

MOD SUN, whose name is an acronym for "Movement on Dreams, Stand under None," began releasing music back in 2015, but became more popular and garnered national attention when he and YouTuber personality Tana Mongeau started dating in May 2020 - four months after her marriage to fellow YouTuber Jake Paul ended.

Mongeau and SUN's relationship was off to a rocky start as the two have a common ex-girlfriend who they didn't leave things quite well with. Bella and MOD SUN started dating in 2019 as Tana and Bella were still dating. The throuple announced they were in a polyamorous relationship.

Thorne and MOD SUN later broke up, leading to Tana dating him for just a couple months. The pair announced that they broke up in December 2020.

Rumors also surfaced that Demi Lovato was also caught in the mix of MOD SUN's dating life after the two of them were pictured out together. She later confirmed the two of them were just good friends.

Avril Lavigne, however, has been focused on her musical comeback after a short retirement from the limelight. In 2019, she put out an album called "Head Above Water" after not releasing an album since 2013. She announced on Instagram that she's been working on a new album and said in a clip on Instagram, "I have been in the studio for the last two weeks every day." She has not announced a release date for her album yet.

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