Avril Lavigne Is A Pop-Punk Dream With 🔥 Legs In Fishnets, Miniskirt Pics

Avril Lavigne Is A Pop-Punk Dream With 🔥 Legs In Fishnets, Miniskirt Pics

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  • Avril Lavigne just hit the stage at the iHeart Radio Festival in an iconic rock outfit, with her toned legs on full display.

  • The pop star, 37, has been pretty quiet about her workout routines in recent years but has shared a lot about her health struggles and diagnosis with Lyme Disease.

  • Avril plans to write a cookbook that will have all kinds of gourmet dishes that she loves to cook.

Avril Lavigne has new music out so, naturally, she’s hitting the stage to belt it out for her adoring fans. And the latest news is that Avril totally rocked the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas, which makes sense considering the fact this rock queen has been blowing everyone's minds for over a decade now.

During the concert, the 37-year-old jammed out to a slew of songs from her new album, Love Sux, in a pleated mini skirt, hoodie (because Avril Lavigne), and fishnets, which swathing her sculpted legs and showed the audience that she's as strong as ever

The on-stage pics are simply incredible, and it's clear Avril was having a blast up there, too.

Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz - Getty Images

Avril has been posting all kinds of performance content lately, and she’s not shy about showing off those toned legs.

Example A:

And another shot:

Oh, and there's this one, too:

Avril hasn’t shared a lot about her workout routines over the past few years, but giving live performances is definitely some solid cardio. Check her out jumping around onstage with Machine Gun Kelly recently:

While she hasn't opened up about some parts of her health journey, Avril has talked about her battle with Lyme Disease, which can cause extreme fatigue and joint pain. She told Billboard that she felt “achy” and “fatigued” in 2014 and just kept searching for answers. “What the f*ck is wrong with me?” she remembered thinking. “I felt like I was actually dying and had kind of accepted it,” she added.

Avril ended up getting a positive Lyme Disease diagnosis and was bedridden for months, convinced that she was dying, per USA Today. Since then, she has worked hard to raise awareness about the disease, even holding a livestream benefit concert in 2020 that helped generate funds to help research the disease.

Avril works hard to protect her pipes, too, reaching for Throat Coat tea on the regular. She told New York Magazine that it “helps me perform my best,” adding, “when I’m in the studio, I bring a thermos filled with this.”

The singer also recently shared that she’s planning to write a cookbook. “My food is, like, gourmet,” she told The Guardian. “I can do everything! Pasta, sauce, vegan, salads and soups—I can do every kind of soup.”

Anyone else feeling hungry right about now...?

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