Award-winning U.S. saxophonist performs in Cuba

STORY: Nash - one of the United States' best-known contemporary jazz performers, will lead a project called Jazz X. He and several Cuban musicians will compose new works inspired by visual art in Cuba's National Museum of Fine Arts, then present them together to the public in several sessions.

Well-known Cuban musicians Alejandro Falcon, Arnulfo Guerra y Ruy Lopez Nussa will perform alongside Nash.

The project, Nash said, brings together musicians from the two countries, and art of different forms, in a fusion of creativity across cultures and mediums.

"People want to be together and music and art, for me, allow us to do that," Nash told Reuters.

Nash also did a workshop with Cuban students, who were seen taking inspiration from the paintings of the National Museum of Fine Arts to develop their composition and musical skills.

Nash said the project is not political, but any collaboration between citizens of the United States and Cuba, neighbors at odds since Fidel Castro´s 1959 revolution, raises eyebrows.