This award-winning weather app has a new feature that can save your life

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The summer is in full swing in the northern hemisphere, but that’s not entirely good news. We’ve witnessed unusual weather phenomenons around the world in the past few weeks that reinforce the obvious. Climate change is real. As a result, weather apps are more critical than ever. You should check the ones you’ve got installed on your iPhone or Android for guidance regularly before going outside. Unlike some of its competitors, the award-winning weather app Carrot Weather has a somewhat scary new feature. The app will tell you if the heat outside will kill you via the brand new wet bulb readings.

It might sound melodramatic, but the weather can be deadly. From record-breaking temperatures in the arctic and deadly tornadoes in the middle of Europe to massive floods in China and Germany and wildfires in Canada — we’ve seen it all this summer. The heatwave also impacted the Euro 2020 event a few weeks ago, and it’s time for the Tokyo Olympics to experience it.

Carrot Weather now gives wet bulb readings

Carrot Weather is one of the most popular third-party weather apps for iPhone and Android. The app doesn’t just provide accurate weather reports. It also mixes in a snarky personality. The app just won an Apple Design Award at WWDC 2021 earlier this year, with developer Brian Mueller creating a hilarious award acceptance/unboxing video in response.

Carrot Weather’s wet bulb temperature readings. - Credit: Brian Mueller/Carrot Weather
Carrot Weather’s wet bulb temperature readings. - Credit: Brian Mueller/Carrot Weather

Brian Mueller/Carrot Weather

The app now supports wet bulb temperature readings that deliver a different value than regular temperature. Wet bulb readings take into account several parameters. Temperature, humidity, heat radiation, and wind influence the on-screen value. As Gizmodo explains, wet bulb readings mimic a measurement from a thermometer covered by a water-soaked cloth.

Wet bulb temperature readings will give you a better risk assessment of the heat outside. A reading of 80-degree-Fahrenheit (26.7-degree-Celsius) indicates that working in the sun for more than half an hour can put the human body under severe stress. Carrot Weather will show the wet bulb temperature for your location. It’s up to you to customize the location of wet bulb readings.

The sky is not the limit

Research shows that the human body reaches its limit at a wet bulb temperature of 95F (35C). Spending more than six hours in these conditions could be fatal, even if you’re in perfect health. The city of Jacobabad in Pakistan surpassed the deadly threshold this summer. The real temperature in Jacobabad was 126F (52C) in late June. That’s what inspired Mueller to add the reading to Carrot Weather.

If you have planed outdoor activities that involve spending a significant amount of time in the sun this summer, you might want to install the Carrot Weather app. And get used to looking for the new wet bulb temperatures whenever it feels like it’s too hot outside.

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