Up, Up & Away: Ten Travel Adventures To Embark on This Summer

Summertime screams adventure and this is the perfect opportunity to start crafting your bucket list of excursions to go on this season. If you’re a traveler, then you know there are so many things to do around the world that’ll raise your adrenaline, pique your interest, and stir your soul. So book your ticket or grab your keys and embark on these 10 travel adventures this summer.

Explore the Morton Arboretum

Located in Lisle, IL right outside of Chicago, the Morton Arboretum is a public garden and outdoor museum that’s perfect for the nature lover looking for adventure this summer. The garden covers 1,700 acres and contains more than 4,100 species of plants. There’s an incredible grass wall maze for guests to wind through, a slew of exotic trees blooming, hiking trails, and an interactive children’s garden.

The best thing about the Morton Arboretum is the gigantic statues living within the garden grounds. The art pieces are a part of the Human+Nature series created by artist Daniel Popper and include five 15- to 26-foot-tall sculptures. Made of concrete, fiberglass, and steel, these sculptures symbolize the relationship between trees and humans, and guests are invited to reimagine their rapport with nature when experiencing the exhibit.

You can literally get lost in the Morton Arboretum for hours so properly plan out your trip to Chicago so you can spend a full day exploring this natural wonderland.

Go to Another World at a Meow Wolf Exhibit

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Meow Wolf permanent art exhibits have been popping up all over the country. They recently opened a third location in Denver and also have fixtures in Sante Fe and Las Vegas. Meow Wolf collaborates with artists from around the world to create otherworldly experiences that teleport visitors to another world. Their Denver location plotline takes guests to the Convergence Station where they decode a mysterious merging of worlds. Sante Fe and Vegas also have their unique storylines blending art and fantasy to create the ultimate fictional, interactive experience.

Next time you’re in one of these locations, drop in and visit a Meow Wolf exhibit to have the time of your life in a new dimension far away from reality.

Raft the Grand Canyon

They say the most intimate way to experience the Grand Canyon is from the water. This summer, grab some friends and head to the canyon to raft down its waters and take in the sights. You’ll be able to see beautiful red rock formations on your way down the canyon and be surrounded by the beauty of red rock country. On your way down, you’ll also find swimming holes, sandy beach shores, and Puebloan sites. The wild waters will definitely make for an exciting summertime adventure you’ll never forget.

Remember to always be safe and wear a life jacket while rafting and be sure to book your rafting tour in advance so you don’t miss out.

Camp Out At Everest Base Camp

Although you must have special permission to stay there overnight, camping out at Everest Base Camp in Nepal may be worth adding to your summer adventure bucket list. The journey to Everest Base Camp is a 14-day journey there and back but if you desire to sleep at the foot of the giant mountain, it’s worth the voyage. You’ll be able to chat with climbers before they make the ascent and enjoy a plethora of hospitable teahouses and Himalayan views.

The best time to trek to Everest Base Camp is in April and May. Also, don’t go if you’re sick because you will not be allowed to stay with the other travelers at the camp.

Hike A Volcano in El Salvador

If you find yourself in El Salvador this summer, be sure to check out the Santa Ana volcano. Located on the west side of the country, Santa Ana is El Salvador’s tallest stratovolcano and the most active. If that doesn’t scare you away then you can hike the volcano and enjoy the beautiful views.

The ascent to the top takes about 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on fast you’re walking and there are tour guides to help you get to the summit. At the top, you’ll be able to see the Pacific Ocean, Lake Coatepeque, and Izalco Volcano. You’ll also be able to see the turquoise, blue lagoon deep inside the volcano.

Rock Climb at Joshua Tree National Park

Rock climbing is a fun and adventurous sport perfect for warm weather and there’s no better place to do it this summer than Joshua Tree National Park. The park has an almost otherworldly vibe with its odd-looking pants and massive, looming boulders but it’s a fun experience nonetheless.

There are over 400 formations throughout the park for visitors to climb and explore and the park offers rock climbing lessons and classes to help you prepare for your trek. If rock climbing isn’t your thing you can also hike through the park and take in nature’s beauty.

Parasail in Cali

While you’re in California, head over to the Marina del Rey for even more Cali adventure. This area has some of the best parasailing on the west coast with epic views of Venice Beach, the Santa Monica Pier, and Malibu. Marina Del Rey Parasailing is a great company that allows up to three people to fly either 500 or 800 feet above the ocean. Call ahead to reserve a slot for you and your friends next time your California dreaming.

Catch Some Waves in Hawaii

Hawaii is a great place to ride some waves so if you’re in the Aloha State this summer surfing is another great adventure to embark on. You can take surfing classes on the island to prepare for your water sports adventure and there are many beaches for you to test out your skills and rent surfboards.

Always remember to select beaches to surf at that match your ability as a surfer. Some great beaches for beginners include Waikiki Beach and Hale’iwa Beach Park.

Ride Among the Dunes

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Head to Yuma, AR to tap in with real adventure as you ride amongst the dunes at Imperial Sand Dunes National Recreation Area. Visitors can rent ATVs and ride for hours through miles of sand dunes. Grab your googles and scarves and prepare for a day of intense quest and grit as you ride through the sand like an Arabian knight.

Go Spelunking

We’re wrapping up this list with another highlight for our nature lovers. If you’ve ever wanted to explore the depths of caves, make your way to Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park. This park is the spelunking adventure of your dreams and includes more than 400 miles of explored caves, making it the world’s longest known cave system.

Mammoth Cave is one of the oldest attractions in the US and celebrated 200 years of offering tours in 2016. If you have the time to spare, dedicate four hours to enjoy the Grand Avenue Tour which requires you to climb over 700 steps.