Awkwafina and Daniel Dae Kim’s Reactions to Seeing Their Animated Characters

Awkwafina and Daniel Dae Kim were blown away when they finally saw what their characters were going to look like in their new Disney movie 'Raya and the Last Dragon.'

Video Transcript


AWKWAFINA: I think all of us can agree that when we saw it we were just kind of blown away. It was not the same as anything that we thought.

RACHEL YANG: I was watching your "Hot Ones." And you said you saw yourself. And you saw your facial features in sisu, like was it trippy to--

AWKWAFINA: Yes! It was very trippy! Because, you know, there are capture cameras. But you don't really know how they're going to work it in, and then the teeth. And I was like, yeah. I should probably look into Invisalign, shouldn't I? But, no, it worked out. It's so cool. It's the coolest feeling ever, yeah.

RACHEL YANG: Yeah, and what about all of you, seeing your characters the first time?

DANIEL DAE KIM: I was pretty shocked when I saw my character. Because I saw some, I guess, pre-visualizations of it. And I had an image in my head of what he was supposed to look like. And then when I actually saw him animated, he look a lot more like me than I thought he would. In fact, my wife and kids were like, is he you? I was like, no, no, no. But there are some real similarities.

I just wish I could rock the man bun like he can.

RACHEL YANG: Yeah. When I first saw it, I was like, that looks like Daniel Dae Kim. Like, they got you.

DANIEL DAE KIM: Much better looking version.

SANRA OH: I don't think that's possible.