Awkward arrest sees naked man and woman in towel arrested in Florida, deputies say

A naked man and a women in a towel were arrested in Polk County, Florida, when sheriff’s deputies picked a particularly awkward moment to make a felony arrest.

The 29-year-old suspect, a man, was in his shower — with a female friend — when deputies showed up, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said in a June 5 news release. It happened May 30 at a home in Highland City, about 40 miles east of downtown Tampa.

“A couple of deputies knocked on the front door, and a woman ... answered wearing nothing but a towel and appeared wet,” the sheriff’s office said.

“These deputies weren’t detectives, but their keen investigative skills led them to believe she just got out of the shower,” the post continued. “(She) told the deputies that nobody else was in the house and she even told deputies to come in and look if they wanted.”

A search followed, leading deputies to a locked bedroom door. The woman told deputies she did not have a key, which prompted a deputy to go outside and climb through the bedroom window, officials said.

Once inside, the deputy found a wet, naked man “hiding behind a door” in the bathroom, officials said.

He conceded he and (the woman) “were in the shower together when deputies arrived,” officials said.

The man was arrested on two felony warrants for “tampering with victim and burglary with assault/battery,” officials said.

The woman was also arrested for trying to hide him, officials said.

“She was also charged with violating her probation. Both were transported to jail, properly attired,” officials said.

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