Awkward: Plane Passenger Live Tweets Couple Breaking Up Next To Her

A woman decided to share the awkwardness of a couple breaking up with each other next to her by live tweeting the whole messy affair.

The couple, who simply could not wait to get behind closed doors to end their relationship, started rowing on a plane - and Kelly Keegs kept us all informed.

With added pictures, the world saw the man dump his girlfriend - and her reaction was played out on social media.

In fact, the break up was so popular that #PlaneBreakUp soon trending worldwide as tweeters wanted more info at how the whole thing unfolded.


Things started out badly and went downhill from there:

Well, who wouldn’t be crying if you’re forced to just sit there after you’ve been dumped?

An argument then broke out, with a few choice words said at each other - and some particularly harsh stuff from the man:

Things all got a bit dramatic after that, with the [ex] girlfriend now dishing out lines that wouldn’t be out of place in an EastEnders Christmas special:

Cue a few:

Things soon went quiet:


And then a new player was introduced:

And then, just when we thought it was all over, things took a surprising turn:

We need to know what Charlotte said. NOW.

All pics: Kelly Keegs