Awning collapse injures 2 on Chicago's Far South Side

Firefighters were seen pulling one person from underneath the snow-covered awning. They were rushed into a waiting ambulance.

Video Transcript

- Story that we topped our news with here at 5 o'clock, this breaking news story, you see just a gathering of firefighters here at what appears to be an awning of some sort. You can see there's a structure that would have been going across the front of this building here at 111th and Corliss. We are told that that structure collapsed and firefighters did pull one person.

They've already rescued one person from underneath, apparently, that collapsed structure. And we are under the belief at this point that there may be somebody else still underneath that structure as well. We're told this is happening at an Off-Track Betting facility. We have an ABC 7 crew on the way to this location. Of course, we'll have a live report there as soon as they arrive. We just want to keep you posted on this.