AYBT to perform 'Sleeping Beauty'

Feb. 23—ANDERSON — Sleeping princesses, evil fairies and true love's kiss. That's what awaits those who attend Anderson Young Ballet Theatre's production of "Sleeping Beauty" on March 4 and 5 at the Paramount Theatre.

The title may be "Sleeping Beauty," but that doesn't mean it follows the Disney movie, according to Jennifer Theimet, artistic director for AYBT.

Neither Maleficent nor her dragon form make the cut. However, despite crucial differences, the overall story is similar, she said.

According to a synopsis, the three-act ballet begins with Princess Aurora's christening during which the evil fairy, Carabosse (Kaydra Osmundson) arrives frustrated she wasn't invited.

She later curses the child to die by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel.

The curse comes true during Aurora's 16th birthday party, but only partially. Aurora (Natalia Molina) pricks her finger, but does not die. Why is that? The Lilac Fairy (Makena Thiemet) casts a spell that puts everyone to sleep.

The once great palace becomes a forest, but all is not lost. One day, Prince Désiré (Cole Companion) enters the forest on the hunt.

Deer is not all he's looking for. The prince pines for someone to love. As luck would have it, the Lilac Fairy is there. She guides the prince to sleeping Aurora and you'll have to see the ballet to find out the rest.

Audiences are in for a feast for the eyes, Thiemet said.

"It's visually beautiful, the costumes are excellent, absolutely stunning, the drops are stunning, the dancers are wonderful; its quite a story," she said.

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