B.I Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions

B.I takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. Is B.I nice? What's B.I's blood type? How do you pronounce B.I? Does he speak English? Can he play any instruments? B.I answers all these questions and much more.

Video Transcript

B.I: Hello this is B.I, and today I'm doing Wired Autocomplete Interview.


B.I: I never do that. I never search my name in Google.


B.I: Is B.I back? Yes. I'm back once again. Hello, everyone. I'm back. Is B.I nice? Am I nice to other people? Well, I hope so, but you should hear about this from other people's point of view.

B.I: Who is B.I's favorite artist? Is it wrong for me to say myself? There are so many artists can I think of like Post Malone and Kanye West. Definitely Tyler and Destiny, who I collabed with recently. But it's a little difficult to pick just one favorite. Who is B.I signed to. Yeah, actually I signed to myself. I started 131Label with IOK. Who is B.I stylist? His name is Junghwan Ou, and I really like to work with him. He takes my ideas, and like it takes to a whole new level. I love you. [INAUDIBLE]

B.I: Where to buy B.I album? You should follow @official131label on Instagram. You can find more information there. Where is B.I from? Well, I'm from Korea, more specifically Cheonan. Cheonan is nearby Seoul. I think it's under by Seoul. Next one is, where is B.I now? I'm here, Korea. More specifically, I'm in Seoul at the studio for shooting Wired interview.

B.I: When is B.I next album? Not aloud to say, but I'm working on my next album, like something special things coming soon. So please be patient with me and you won't regret it. When is B.I birthday? 1996, October 22nd.

B.I: What does B.I stand for? It's shortened form of b-e-i. It means be myself. It's a little cringy, but but I like it. What does B.I illa illa mean? Illa illa is just like wording for describing the like rolling waves at the seashore, but it's not a dictionary vocab. If you picture it, it will make more sense. What is B.I doing now? Actually, I'm working on my next album already. Look forward to it. What is B.I Zodiac sign? My zodiac sign is, it's Libra. I don't know why, but I've known the English word Libra since I was little. What is B.I blood type? My blood type is O. What is B.I's best song? Like I think my best song is "illa illa" for me. But other artists best song is, I think, "beetles in my life." That's my best song. How old is B.I? My international age is 24. How to pronounce B.I? B is like, buzz bee. And I is like this. This is my eyes. Yeah B, I. You know what I'm saying? How tall is B.I? I'm 175.5 centimeter tall, but I'm not really sure in fit. How many followers does B.I have on, what is, Instagram? Instagram. I think it's like 3.5 million or 3.6 million. Does B.I speak English? Yes, hey [? IDs. ?] Are you guys watching? I'm speaking English. Does B.I play any instruments? Piano, maybe just a little bit, but I'm not that good at it. Does B.I drive? Yes, I do drive. Recently, I got driver's license. My fans are really interested to see me driving. I don't know why. Does B.I write his songs? Yes. I wrote every track on my latest album and actually my upcoming albums too. Does B.I act? I try on my music video, but I don't think that it's act. It's just expressing my emotion. Does B.I workout? Well, I don't lift, but I exercise, like some of push ups and pull ups, something like that. And I love climbing.

B.I: Why did B.I start singing? I don't want the categorize rapping and singing. It's just another way of expressing the message of my music, and I'm interested in a lot of different style of music and I really like to explore something new stuff. Yeah. Yeah, some of the questions was mainly surprise, but it was fun. I like it. Thank you.


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