Babbling 1-year-old takes nonsensical phone call very seriously

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Watch this hilarious toddler have a very serious, but totally nonsensical, phone call!

Serena Metz (@serenamariemetz) is a parent and TikToker who shares videos of her adorable one-year-old son, Max. Max is at an age where he absorbs and mimics everything around him, including making phone calls. In a hilarious video, Serena shared the moment Max demonstrated his impressive phone call-making skills by placing a call and having a serious conversation, all in a totally made-up language!

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The adorable video begins with a shot of Max holding a phone in both hands. The toddler stares down at the phone screen with a serious expression on his face, then looks up at his mom as the phone begins to ring. “Our one-year-old learned how to call people today and he is very serious about it,” Serena writes in a caption.

Max waits patiently as the phone rings. Then, when the caller on the other end picks up, he immediately begins walking towards the other end of the room, talking as he walks. Speaking nonsense, he talks confidently into the phone.

“Oh, okay,” the person on the other end replies.

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Then, the toddler continues talking, still without saying a single recognizable word. “Oh, okay,” the person on the call says. “I got it.”

Max pauses for a moment, then resumes his speech. “Did she really?” asks the person on the phone.

Max talks again, and the caller replies, “Oh, okay, she did? I will yell at mommy for that!”

The video ends with Max enthusiastically continuing the phone call. In a caption, Serena writes, “A genius? Not sure, but he’s so damn cute.”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler!

“Shout out to the lady who answered the phone. She understood the assignment!” one viewer wrote.

“Wow, he didn’t say hello or nothing. Just went straight into spilling the tea,” another TikToker joked.

“Said so much, yet nothing at all!” another viewer commented.

Max might not have mastered talking yet, but he sure knows how to make a phone call!

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