Baby Boom! 17 Babies Delivered In One Day At Grapevine Hospital

On Tuesday, 17 babies were born including two sets of twins at The Baylor Scott and White Medical Center— Grapevine.

Video Transcript

- There's a baby boom this week in Grapevine. More than a dozen babies were born in 12 hours at one hospital. Rachael O'Neil has the story.

RACHAEL O'NEIL: On Tuesday, 17 babies were born including two sets of twins here at Baylor Scott White and Medical Center Grapevine. A number nurses here say it's unheard of. Their staff says the hospital usually averages six births a day. They nearly tripled that this Tuesday. With eight girls and nine boys delivered, the nurse manager says she's not sure what's behind the sudden baby boom. Meet one of the little guys, Hudson. His mom, Kathleen Hall, says she's thankful her son had such a peaceful birth despite the birth frenzy just two days ago.

KATHLEEN HALL: I had no idea that that many babies were born. I know the nurses said they were busy that day. But I had no idea. So it came out afterwards that just how many babies were around us.

TRACEY LEENHEERS-EATON: I have been here for four years. And never in my history have I seen anything like that. And then we have a lot of tenured team members here. And we asked around. And for them as well, it was just extremely abnormal. I believe we've set a record.

RACHAEL O'NEIL: Nurses here say the majority of the 17 babies that were delivered are already home safe and sound with their families. In Grapevine, Rachael O'Neil, CB--