Baby boom: Hospital sees 22% increase in births this spring

After more than a year of couples feeling robbed of joyful pregnancy moments due to the pandemic, one hospital has some happy news.

Video Transcript

- One positive to come out of the pandemic, more births, at least at one Long Island hospital. Huntington Hospital is expecting, expecting a 22% increase in the number of births this spring. A number of factors may be responsible for the increase, including the hospital's new midwife-centric centric program. Here's Stacey Seager.


STACEY SEAGER: Four-month-old Helena is pure joy at the end of an emotional roller coaster ride for her 39-year-old mother, Jessica Brown of Huntington. Brown and her husband Carl, like so many, felt robbed of joyful pregnancy moments all through the pandemic.

JESSICA BROWN: My husband had to hear her heartbeat after the appointment was over. My husband had to see her picture after it was over. And it's awful.

So, like many others, the Browns turned to the midwife program here at Huntington Hospital, because it offered more support and medical flexibility during a time of unprecedented medical stress.

MICHELE MEYER: They didn't have to come into the hospital so soon. They were able to stay home and do some laboring at home before they came in.

JESSICA BROWN: You go in and you feel like, wow, this is a safe space, not just for my body, but for my mind.

STACEY SEAGER: Couple that with a geographic shift to the suburbs during the pandemic, and many couples at home.

JESSICA BROWN: There's not much to do, so you might as well do something that's fun.

STACEY SEAGER: And what you now have is a mini baby boom at this hospital, a 22% hike in births from last year at this time to this year. Meanwhile, for Jessica's little bundle of joy, you want to talk about a baby boom?

JESSICA BROWN: I was having issues breastfeeding.


JESSICA BROWN: Not now, clearly, because it's working.

STACEY SEAGER: This little one with her mom's big personality, clearly part of a refreshingly positive upward trend.