Baby elephant adorably tries to eat leaves like his mother

This baby elephant lives free on the plains of Kenya, Africa. He's very young, and very small, compared with his mother and the other elephants in his herd. He follows them and watches so that he can learn from everything that they do. He cannot yet digest much of the food around him, but he tries to imitate his herd. In the end, he decides that the brush makes a great place to scratch. He will need the protection of the herd, as lions and hyenas also roam freely here, and either would consider such a young elephant to be an easy meal. But the grown elephants around him will not allow this to happen easily. Baby elephants nurse milk from their mothers until they are old enough to graze and digest foliage. As adults, they eat only plants. African elephants are the largest land animals on earth. They grow rapidly to become massive and powerful, and formidable in their ability to defend themselves. But for now, this adorable little fellow will stick close and learn from his elders.