Baby Monkey Rides on Goat's Back as Pair Feast on Berries

A baby monkey hitched a ride from its goat friend as the pair munched on berries during an outing to a Vietnam forest.

Footage by Bui Minh Thanh shows monkey BiBi and goat BeBe frolicking around in the trees near Pleiku’s Sea Lake, before they stop to take a quick snack break.

The pair can be seen eating delicious berries straight from their owner’s hands.

Thanh told Storyful that both the monkey and the goat are his pets. He said he met them “by accident” in a village and took them in.

“The goat and monkey are very smart. When we call their name they will run to where we are,” he said.

More of BiBi and BeBe’s adorable adventures can be seen on Thanh’s YouTube channel, Animals Home. Credit: Bui Minh Thanh via Storyful

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