Baby Taken To Hospital After Being Found With Dead Woman In Boston

A baby is hospitalized after being found with a dead woman at a Boston YMCA facility. WBZ-TV's Bill Shields reports.

Video Transcript

LISA HUGHES: Now at five, a baby is hospitalized tonight after being found with a dead woman at a Boston YMCA facility. WBZs, Bill Shields joins us live tonight in Boston with the story. Bill.

BILL SHIELDS: Lisa, this is really sad. This is the YMCA here in Huntington. Have been around-- It's actually the first YMCA in America. They have a lot of programs here. One of them is what they call transitional housing for people. For families. That's where this woman was living. We can't use the term mother right now. We're not sure. But she was living here and had an infant and someone came to check on her. That's when they discovered. She was dead. It was about noon today when the discovery was made a woman who died in one of the YMCA apartments, leaving a baby inside. It's not yet known how the woman died or how old the baby is, just that it was described as an infant but police were very concerned.

- The situation's a little bit more complicated. There's a child involved, a baby. And they'll give me an update once they get to the hospital.

BILL SHIELDS: The Y has what they call transitional family housing. Apartments for people getting back on their feet, and part of the program is checking on the residents. That's how the woman's body was discovered.

JAMES MORTON: Anyone who participates in the program, we check on them on a regular basis and we call those wellness checks. And so if we don't see someone or if someone was supposed to participate in a meeting and didn't show up, then we would go and check on them.

BILL SHIELDS: And it's a good thing they have that program because this is an infant that was in the apartment with her. No telling how long the infant would stay with everything intact if you will, without someone an adult taking care of her. As for the cause of death, still not sure right now. Reporting live from Huntington Ave, I'm Bill Shields, WBZ news.

- All right Bill. Thanks.