The New Baby Yoda and Mickey Mouse Pancake Skillet Sets Are the Best $6 You’ll Spend Today

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Photo credit: Instagram @thekrazycouponlady
Photo credit: Instagram @thekrazycouponlady

You know how macaroni and cheese tastes better when it’s in fun shapes (as opposed to the classic ones)? We have a theory that you can apply that thinking to just about any food out there. In this case, we’re specifically talking about a pancake set from Frankford Candy.

Just in time for the holidays (*wink, wink* in case you need a white elephant gift), you can get Star Wars: The Mandalorian Baby Yoda and Disney Mickey Mouse pancake skillet sets. Each one includes buttermilk pancake mix and either a Baby Yoda- or Mickey Mouse-shaped molded skillet that you can use long after that initial batter is gone. That 6-ounce bag of mix will make seven pancakes, so it looks like Saturday morning’s breakfast is planned.

You can find both of the new pancake sets at various stores, including Target, for $5.99 each. They’re even available to be shipped right to your door, which means the ultimate lazy weekend is in your future.

While these pancake skillets are new, the early reviews are already saying that they’re winners. “Super cute and easy to use. Makes breakfast a little more fun. Also a great little Christmas gift!” one person wrote about the Mickey version. “Best 6 bucks I’ve ever spent!!” wrote another. Consider us convinced.

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