This Bachelorette has the winning combo for a Stunning Living Room

Erin Lepperd

You may know Becca Tilley as one of the coolest girls to ever come out of The Bachelor without a ring but now you will forever know her as that cool girl with the killer living room. She teamed up with Lulu & Georgia to revamp her main lounge space and the result is so deserving of the final rose. From tufted to gilded, tour the transformation shot by Monica Wang  plus grab Becca's tips for your own revamp adventures below.

1. Pin it to win it

Before I even shopped or picked out decor for my living room makeover, I turned to Pinterest. It really helped me hone in on my personal home style. After pinning several glam living rooms and half-boho, I realized I wanted to fuse the two styles together, turning my living room into a California Boho/Glam setting.


My extreme-makeover status required extra hands on deck, and I wasn't afraid to reach out for opinions. I had a clear idea of what I wanted, and when I showed the girls at Lulu & Georgia, they made some suggestions I wasn't considering before. The total outcome was a collaborative effort, and my dream Pinterest living room came to life.

3. Stick to the neutrals

This was ultimately my mantra. I thought I wanted a fun, colorful couch, but I realized that it would be difficult to style around a loud-colored couch. The main furniture pieces are all neutral, and if I ever feel like sprucing things up, I can just change out the throw pillows or the smaller decor items.

4. Get a rug

Wow, did this make a difference. A rug wasn't at the forefront of my mind, but when I had nothing but the couch and chairs, something was missing. When I added the Safina rug, it brightened up the entire room and brought it to life.

5. Try weird combos

Home decor and interior design is so fun to play around with, so you can't be afraid to try new things. Sometimes combinations look so much different in real life than they do in a moodboard or in your head. The day I set everything up, I tried to think outside the box and mixed and matched colors that I never thought would go together. I was also lugging chairs from one side of the room to another just to see what it would look like. It was an experimental process for sure, but I loved the turnout in the end! [dotted] [dotted]

Photography: Monica Wang | Decor and Styling: Lulu & Georgia | Home of: Becca Tilley