‘We will be back.’ Eastern Kentucky brothers win the lottery for the third time.

Courtesy of Kentucky Lottery
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Brothers William and Earl Grace found luck again by winning the Kentucky Lottery last month.

Earl, of Coal Grove, Ohio, gave William, of Rush, scratch-off tickets for his birthday and Christmas present. Earl did not win, but William bought more tickets Dec. 23 at Summit Smart Stop in Ashland. William bought a $30 Fastest Road to $3 Million ticket and scratched it off and scanned it at the store.

“It said $100,000, but I thought, I’m not too sure about this machine,” William said to lottery officials.

Earl checked his Kentucky Lottery app, which confirmed the winnings.

The scratch-off ticket has a 10 winning numbers to be matched with 30 numbers to be scratched off. Under each of the 30 numbers is a cash prize amount. William matched no. 31, which had the $100,000 prize. William’s new favorite number is 31, he said.

The brothers are familiar with winning the lottery. In December 2010, they were part of a group that won $200,000 on Powerball. Almost three months later, another group they were a part of won $400,000 on the Lottery’s 3 Line Lotto Game.

“When we won Powerball, we said we would be back and sure enough, just a few months later there we were,” William said.

According to the Kentucky Lottery, the $30 Fastest Road to $3 Million game has 7.2 million tickets. The game began Feb. 21. The odds of winning the $100,000 prize is one out of 120,000. There is 60 expected winners of the $100,000 prize. Forty-one $100,000 tickets remain.

The $3 million prize has a one in 2.4 million chance of winning, with three tickets total and two currently remaining.

Earl and William split the $100,000 prize to each receive $35,500 after taxes. The brothers plan to pay off bills with their winnings.

“We will be back,” the brothers told lottery officials as they left the lottery office.

Summit Smart Stop will receive a $1,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. Retailers that offer Kentucky Lottery game get 6% of its proceeds

Twenty-two percent of proceeds from the Kentucky Lottery go to the Commonwealth to support the state’s general fund, K-12 education and grant and scholarship programs for Kentucky college students.

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