Back to school for Jill Biden, new education chief

Jill Biden, the teacher in the White House, along with new Education Secretary Miguel Cardona go back to school in a public push to show districts that have yet to transition back to in-person learning that it can be done safely. (March 3)

Video Transcript

JILL BIDEN: Hi, everybody.




- What do you say, boys and girls?

- Welcome to kindergarten.

MIGUEL CARDINA: [LAUGHS] Look at these scholars over here, huh? Look at the year of graduation. Is this college graduation?


All right.

JILL BIDEN: I love that.

- That's for the further education. We get once every year from the city.

MIGUEL CARDINA: That's it. I love that Ninja Turtles. Does that help you breathe better because it's Ninja Turtles? I bet it does. And you're Spider Man. I saw that, right? And you have a beautiful one too. I love it.

- We're trying to show them how magnificent [INAUDIBLE].

JILL BIDEN: Every day. Oh this is beautiful. Who are you making your picture for? You're doing good.

You know, teachers want to be back. We want to be back. I'm a teacher. I am teaching virtually, and last week I said to my students, hey guys, how are you doing? And they said, Dr. B, we're doing OK. We're doing OK, but we can't wait to be back in the classroom.

MIGUEL CARDINA: Across the country, future Lin-Manuel Mirandas are sitting at home instead of going to the drama club.

Future astronauts like Mark Kelly are sitting at home instead of going to a science lab to spark that wonder of science. We must continue to reopen America's schools for in-person learning as quickly and as safely as possible. The president recognizes this, which is why he took bold action yesterday to get teachers and school staff vaccinated quickly.


I appreciate that leadership. As Secretary of Education, that is my top priority.