Back of the Yards school windows shot out, no injuries reported

A person was taken into custody after the window of a Back of the Yards school was shot out Tuesday afternoon, Chicago police said.

Video Transcript

LEAH HOPE: One person is in custody, and one weapon is recovered. We're told was a BB gun. And, fortunately, no one was hurt. But certainly, earlier this afternoon, it was very unclear what was happening.

About 2 o'clock, CPD started getting calls that someone was shooting at the school here, which caused a tremendous response from not only CPD but CFD. CPD SWAT teams arrived here on the east side of Back of the Yards College Prep just after 2 o'clock. Someone had shot a large window of the stairwell.

We've learned that staff inside were nearly hit by falling glass, but fortunately no one was hurt. CPD tells us there were reports of someone shooting at the school for days. But today was different because of that close call with the staff inside.

One person was taken into custody while we were here on the scene. We're told that he lives across the street from the school. We also saw a weapon recovered, which we were told by CPD was a large BB gun.

CURTIS MULLENIX: This appears to be one person with a grudge against the school for some undetermined reason at this point. That there is no danger to anybody in the community, anybody in the neighborhood. The offender has been-- the alleged offender has been caught.

LEAH HOPE: So you're looking at a live picture of this large window that we saw glass falling from when we first arrived on the scene. This is-- apparently, there's a library here next to the school. And that's where the glass was falling this afternoon.

But, when we arrived, we also saw there were several windows that were boarded up, evidence of apparently some of the damage caused earlier this week. But, fortunately, the scene has been cleared. First responders are gone, and no one was hurt.