Bad Bunny Appears to Diss Devin Booker on New Song Amid Kendall Jenner Romance Speculation

Image via Rich Polk/Billboard and Cassy Athena/Getty
Image via Rich Polk/Billboard and Cassy Athena/Getty

Did Bad Bunny take a shot at Kendall Jenner’s ex? Fans seem to think so.

Just weeks after he and Jenner fueled dating rumors, the Puerto Rican superstar seemingly dissed Devin Booker on “Coco Chanel,” a collaborative joint from Eladio Carrión’s new album 3MEN2 KBRN. The theory centers around a line in the first verse, in which Bunny makes an apparent reference to the Phoenix Suns athlete.

“I’m not bad baby, that’s a gimmick,” he sings. “The sun in [Puerto Rico] heats up more than the one in Phoenix.”

The verse also mentions “dangerous” Scorpios, which also happens to be Jenner’s zodiac sign.

The lyrics have, of course, generated a lot of buzz on social media. So much so that Booker felt it was necessary to respond.

“He worried about another MAN again,” he commented on a post regarding the alleged diss.

Booker and Jenner reportedly started dating in 2020 and officially called it quits about two years later.

The Bunny-Jenner dating rumors began circulating over a month ago, when the two were reportedly seen “playing tonsil hockey” at a private LA nightclub. They were spotted hanging out together on several more occasions, and were even photographed giving each other a hug—and a possible kiss—following a dinner date.

“Things are not official between Kendall and Bad Bunny, but they’re seeing each other on a regular basis and getting to know each other better,” a source recently told Us Weekly, adding Jenner wasn’t “really looking to date” following her split from Booker. “… It’s not super serious, but she likes [Bunny] and is open to seeing where things go with him. Kendall appreciates how he treats her with respect and he makes her laugh. He’s very charming and she thinks he’s a great guy. Although things are still fairly new, she definitely sees potential.”

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