Baftas 2021: Who's nominated for what?

Road movie Nomadland and coming-of-age drama Rocks lead the diverse nominations at the Bafta film awards, where four female filmmakers are in the running for the best director prize. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts introduced a raft of changes to its film ceremony – including expanding the nominations for director, actor and actress from five to six – in response to a lack of diversity in last year’s line-up.

Video Transcript

- How's your mom doing.

- Yeah she's fine. Yeah.

- This is our home.

- Country the metal.

- You get used to it.

- My mom says that you're homeless. Is that true?

- No, I'm not homeless. I'm just houseless.

- Dad, I'd like you to meet Laura.

- How do you do, sir.

- I say you're gorgeous.

- Thank you.

- Charming.

- Yeah. Not always.

- Tina look.

- Wheels?

- Look at the Tolia.

- GBG.

- I need to ask you this. I'm trying to put some money together to get a bed in a shelter.

- And they got 50.

- 50. That's too much. I can't. No. 50 is the price.

- I'm not here right now. So if you like to leave a message.

- Did the right thing by calling us.

- Come on. Let's go.

- Every week I go to a club. I act like I'm too drunk to stand.

- You know how much is it worth to you. What's your price to go up the revolution.

- My life.