Bags of ice from Wegmans might have metal shavings, store says. Now there’s a recall

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A major grocery store chain with locations in North Carolina and Pennsylvania has recalled bagged ice that might contain metal shavings.

Wegmans announced the recall of its 7-pound bags of ice on Thursday, citing the “potential presence of foreign material.” Customers can identify whether their ice is affected by checking the bar code on the outside of the bag. The affected lots will read “ROC 100” or “ROC 104,” the company said.

Wegmans is offering a full refund at the customer service desk. Anyone with questions can call 1-855-934-3663.

The supermarket chain is based in Upstate New York but has stores all over the East Coast, including Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina. Its North Carolina locations are concentrated in the Triangle, with stores in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, West Cary and Wake Forest.

This isn’t the first time Wegmans has recalled bagged ice.

In 2014, the company recalled 7-pound and 18-pound bags that potentially contained metal pieces from a broken machine part that produced the ice, Virginia Beach Injury Law News reported.

An estimated 6,000 bags of ice sold in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey were thought to be affected at the time.

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